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At Eezzz Project

Beth Luetkemeyer, founder of The At Eezz Project, is a Washington, DC-based massage therapist. Several years ago she reached out to help Wounded Warriors by volunteering her services, not knowing that it would change her life forever. Thus began her passionate pursuit of filling a significant void in the rehabilitation and care of these our nation's heroes. Despite many obstacles, she continues that pursuit today and is hopeful she can raise enough awareness to help her fill that void permanently.

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National Association of Women Business Owners Central Illnois Blog

Peoria, IL 61651

You'll find plenty of information about the National Association of Women Business Owners - Central Illinois here. Visit this spot frequently for updates on events, programs, and other announcements. This blog will also provide you with articles on a variety of business topics, marketing, management, and other issues.

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News Anchor Mom

Creve Coeur, IL 61610

Jen Christensen is news anchor at WHOI-TV, Peoria, Illinois, an ABC affiliate. She is also the mom of two little boys. She created the blog full of "news" for moms to make life easier for you because she knows how hectic life can get when you have little ones. After ten years in the media business, she has learned there are times when reporting the basic news doesn't give moms what they really want to know. This website will give you that insight from the perspective of a T.V. news anchor and mom.

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Peoria Historical Society Blog

Peoria, IL 61602

Cherishing memories and preserving history. Learn and share.

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The Community Word (Peoria)

The Community Word is published monthly and is available free of charge at business throughout the Peoria area and online.

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Advertising Opportunities

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